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Lisa & Michael Lang, Owners & Innkeepers...

We have been second-homeowners in Vermont’s Mad River Valley since the mid-1980’s, enjoying our free time here whenever possible.

After 45+ years combined employment in Corporate America, with advanced degrees and business experience in finance, engineering, sales & marketing, we decided it was time for a lifestyle change. So we left our corporate careers behind, sold a house in New Jersey, packed up the cats and headed for Vermont. It was time to chase the dream of running our own business. Since we were already familiar with the Mad River Valley, and knew many local business owners & residents, we couldn’t think of a better place to establish ourselves. In 2003, the inn became our business and our home. It also gave us four seasons of incredible outdoor activities & beautiful scenery just beyond our front door!

Our other passions have always included world travel, scuba diving, music, food & wine. The love of travel is reflected in the art & antiques we have chosen to display throughout the inn. Much of it was acquired during our years of living & working in Singapore (part of the Corporate America gig...). We enjoy sharing tales of food & travel with our guests, and this has been an integral piece of our successful business model. As avid travelers, we have also made every effort to incorporate into our business the amenities we appreciate in the lodging & dining establishments we’ve patronized. This too has served us well, as reflected in the financial growth of the business.

We are very proud of what we have achieved with this labor of love. We are also very fortunate to be in a financial situation that allows us to consider moving on to that next phase in life...doing even more of those things we enjoy...

So we’re looking for that special person, or persons, interested in purchasing a solidly developed business, and ready to chase their own dream, taking it to that next level. Until then, we will continue with our current business model - pay all bills, upgrade & grow, eat well, drink well, travel three months a year and live in a tremendous location...not a bad life...



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